Capsule Sauna

Why Try The Infrared Sauna Capsule

This solo capsule is an infrared sauna perfect for deep healing and detoxification. It’s different from regular saunas, steam rooms, and infrared saunas.

Every sauna has its health benefits, but some have greater effects than others. Infrared saunas, for example, outperform regular saunas and steam rooms in numerous studies, but also have varying levels of effectiveness.

Additional features that amplify infrared outcomes include solo carbon technology, colour therapy, long wave rays and more. All of which can be found in the infrared capsule.

If you want to know how you can benefit using the solo capsule and where you can try it out in Melbourne then this post is for you!

$30 (50 mins)

"You must bring your own bath towel"

Why you should try the infrared capsule.

Brighter and clearer skin

Skin impurities most often come from within. Usually, if the liver, kidneys or gut are struggling to eliminate toxins they show up on the skin and the pores become blocked. Infrared rays are not only good at opening pores but help you sweat profusely! Even people who have trouble with circulation and sweating have seen great results from infrared. The rays not only clean your pores but also take the load of the liver and kidneys. Instead of having to filter out these toxins, the skin can more effortlessly eliminate them. This combination of giving the elimantory organs a break, bringing nutrients to the skin’s surface, cleansing the pores, and colour therapy (explained below), is why people find vast improvements in skin texture and tone after using the infrared capsule.

Greater relaxation

All infrared saunas help with muscle relaxation, but when you’re lying down in a capsule with your head out in the open air it’s easier to breathe, claustrophobia isn’t an issue and you can relax more deeply lying down.

Allows for a deeper detox

The infrared capsule is similar to an infrared sauna because it emits the same rays as the sun but without the harmful UV radiation. The infrared rays penetrate the body and heat up the core allowing for a deeper level of detoxification.

The sweat produced from an infrared sauna eliminates up to seven times more toxins than a typical sauna.

However, the healing capacity of the rays differ depending on their wavelengths and strength. The three levels are near, mid, and far. Near rays are targeted at the level of the skin, mid rays delve deeper into the soft tissue targeting inflammation and increase blood circulation, and far rays have the longest wavelength, also giving the deepest level of detoxification. The infrared capsules have the best long wave, far infrared heating made from solo carbon. Solo carbon emits 95% of these infrared waves - both on from the pad underneath and the dome on top. This means you have 360 degrees of infrared heating very close to your body, providing a more intense level of detoxification than infrared rooms.

Weight loss

The far infrared rays (the deepest waves) also aid weight loss! One study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found a 30-minute session in a far infrared sauna burns 500-800 calories, which is the equivalent to running 3-5 kilometers.

Doesn’t emit harmful EMS

The issue that some practitioners have with far infrared saunas is the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) emissions. Some cheaper brands emit high quantities of this type of radiation, but the infrared capsule does not. So you get the benefit of the deep cleanse without the drawback of EMS.


Also known as colour therapy, chromotherapy is used to balance the body emotionally and physically in different ways depending on the light spectrum used. Red supports the blood and circulatory system. Pink eliminates the impurities in the bloodstream. Orange helps eliminate fat stores. Yellow purifies the skin, aids digestive function and increases metabolism. Green helps to kill fungus, bacteria, and viruses, blue lubricates joints and calms the nervous system, and violet is known for its meditative effects. In an infrared capsule, chromotherapy is included, and the full spectrum is used. Whereas, some clinics who use infrared rooms may not have this feature because it’s not included. So if you’re using a room, and would like to get the most out of your sauna experience ask if your sauna has chromotherapy.